Episode #310: Leveraging the Expertise of Others for Greater Success with Diana Lin (Best Of Episode)

Sep 4, 2023

You’ve probably heard that the three most important things in real estate are location, location, location, but today’s guest believes that successful deals are more often about the people you invest with than anything else! Today, Peter Pomeroy speaks with architect and multifamily investor, Diana Lin, who focuses on acquisitions, strategic direction, and asset management at Navi Ventures. She is also an AIA Licensed architect with over 10 years of experience as a Project Manager and Project Architect in New York, Texas, and China. In her career as an architect, Diana designed and managed large-scale, award-winning buildings in office, multifamily, hospitality, and retail properties. In today’s episode, she sheds some light on her journey as a multifamily investor. From why she suggests joining a mentorship group to the benefits of prioritizing effective communication, Diana has some valuable insights to share, including her belief that it’s the people you partner with that make all the difference. Ultimately, she maintains that you can't do it by yourself; you have to leverage the expertise of others to help you be successful! Tune in today to learn more in this thought-provoking conversation with Diana Lin!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Insight into Diana’s background and career trajectory from architecture to real estate.
  • Why Diana and her husband started in multifamily and how they educated themselves and built up a network by joining a mentorship group.
  • Finding her first investment; why Diana encourages listeners to attend multifamily meetups.
  • Lessons she has learned about underwriting since doing due diligence on that first deal.
  • Why successful deals are more about the people you invest with than the numbers.
  • Advice for getting a sense of a deal sponsor prior to investing with them: ask around!
  • Prioritizing effective communication as well as expected returns to mitigate uncertainty.
  • Learn more about Navi Ventures and its focus.
  • Their latest deal in Glendale, Arizona, and how Vertical Street Ventures contributed to it.
  • The motivations behind doing a 506-B and Diana’s findings at the end of the process.
  • How Navi Ventures leverages Diana and her husband’s backgrounds to attract investors.
  • Diana shares her goals for Navi Ventures for the next 12 months and the next five years.
  • What financial freedom means to Diana: more time with her family.
  • How building relationships with good partners will take Navi Ventures to the next level.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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