Episode #309: Intentional Life Design with Melanie McDaniel (Best Of Episode)

Aug 28, 2023

Systems and technology are an important side of any real estate business, but this doesn't mean there is not an equally important human element to what we do. This is one of the messages that today's guest, Melanie McDaniel, underlines in this fascinating conversation. Melanie is the Founder of Freestyle Capital Group, a boutique private equity firm, and we are so happy to welcome her to the show to talk about how she partners with investors, the Freestyle Fund, how she approaches building relationships, and her current investment focuses. We also get a little personal with Melanie, touching on her belief in intentionality and using real estate to design the life you actually want! Our guest talks about traveling and staying open-minded to a life that is not limited by external expectations and pressures, as well as how we might think about transitioning into active investment. So to hear all this inspiring, practical, and thought-provoking wisdom from Melanie, be sure to press play!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Melanie's professional background and path to her current work in real estate.  
  • The common sense and learning that guided Melanie's decision to go into multifamily.  
  • Foundations and preparations; the work ethic that Melanie brought forward from her time in the military. 
  • The key steps in what Melanie offers investors through Freestyle Capital Group, and some information on the Freestyle Fund.  
  • How travel plays into and influences Melanie's life and work!
  • Melanie shares her secret to finding new operating partners at conferences.
  • The kinds of partners that Melanie aims to work with; a description of her ideal avatar.  
  • Facilitating and building long-term relationships with partners.
  • Moving through deals and making the most of the nerve-wracking process. 
  • The types of deals that Melanie is currently focused on.  
  • Advice that Melanie would give herself about the temporary nature of things!
  • Words of wisdom from Melanie for anyone considering getting in active investment. 
  • How and where to find Melanie online to make use of her great services.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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