Rod Khleif: Lifetime Cash Flow

Jenny Gou and Steven Louie share with Rod Khleif how they leveraged their analytical and relationship skills from their corporate backgrounds to take down multiple multifamily units. Topics include: Single family investing vs. Multifamily investingLesson in failuresValue of taking ownership; and much, much more!


Brian Briscoe: ATE – Getting The Right People In the Right Role

Jenny and Brian Briscoe talk about mentors, challenges, and the upcoming VSVCon.

VSVCon 2023 will be held on April 28 – 30th in Scottsdale, AZ, and we wanted to let you know that this year’s conference will be packed full of even more value!

Darin Batchelder: Mentorship Academy

“I wish someone taught us this [multifamily and real estate investing] out of high school.  The knowledge we have now would do wonders and change lives at an earlier stage.”  

Jenny Gou shares with Darin Batchelder about how her own multifamily journey inspired her and her partners to create the VSV Multifamily Academy, to help others accelerate their multifamily careers.  Within a year, the students in the Academy have accumulated over $300MM assets under management already, leveraging the mentorship and knowledge they gained from the academy.  Listen in to learn more about the impact of mentorships and the VSV Multifamily Academy.

Charles Carillo: Global Investors Podcast

Jenny and Steven are both managing partners at Vertical Street Ventures; a real estate syndication company guested in Global Investors Podcast with Charles Carillo.

Previously, Jenny was an executive at Procter & Gamble, managing a multi-billion dollar portfolio in Market Strategy and Planning. Jenny now focuses on asset management.

Steven was previously an executive at MetLife and now has grown his multifamily portfolio to over 2,500 units. He focuses on acquisitions, sourcing capital, and building key strategic partnerships.

Find out why they decided to leave a very successful long term corporate careers to become full time multifamily real estate investors.

Listen for more!

Lisa Hylton: Investing In Arizona Multifamily Real Estate

Pivoting from corporate America to Multifamily Real Estate is challenging. Steven Louie shares with Lisa Hylton how real estate is about networking and relationships. Investing takes a lot of work, but surrounding yourself with solid partnerships will bring you to financial freedom. People that are slightly different than you are great to partner with. You also need mentors to hold you accountable.

Join the conversation to learn more!

Ruben Greth: Capital Raiser Show

Capital Raising is not about selling! Let’s hear from Steven Louie and Ronnie Gou as they discussed with Ruben Greth on how they use a team to raise and doing it by just sharing what they do. Build a brand, educate, nurture and the investors will come naturally!

Listen and learn more!

Derek and Sophie Clifford: Elevate Your Equity Podcast

Kyle shared with Derek and Sophie Clifford on Elevate Your Equity Podcast several takeaways about asset management – it is both an art and a science. Managing the manager, ensuring the business plan feasibility, and making the determination to improve units throughout the life cycle of the invest is undoubtedly some of the most important decisions investors make. Asset management can make or break the best and worst investments out there.

Listen and learn more!

Vinki Loomba: From playing golf to syndicating apartments

Kyle Mitchell shared with Vinki Loomba about his passion of helping others reach their goals in all areas of life by doing things the right way and creating long-lasting relationships based on trust and clarity.

Kyle has been investing in income-producing real estate since 2010 and currently manages and operates $107M AUM in multifamily assets in the Arizona markets. Kyle has been a successful business operator/owner for more than 20 years. He is also the author of the best-selling book, Best In Class.


Esther Min: Billionaire Morning Mindset

In this episode, Jenny Gou shared with Esther Min that it is not impossible to invest in Real Estate even in the Pandemic season. Jenny bought a total of  1,650+ units during Covid.

Listen and get inspired with Jenny!


Rama Krishna: Multifamily AP360

Creating Wealth through Passive Apartment Investing

” Investing in rights deals at the right location with the right team takes up a lot of patience and mental capacity so that you don’t take up a wrong decision.” – Jenny Gou

In this episode, Rama Krishna interviews Jenny & Steven, Managing Partners at Vertical Street Ventures.  Vertical Street Ventures was established to help individuals achieve their financial goals through passive investing in real estate.


Joe Fairless: The Key to Multifamily Asset Management

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Kyle Mitchell, Managing Partner of Vertical Street Ventures, returns to the Best Ever Show to share with Joe Fairless his insight on Multifamily Asset Management. In this episode, he details the importance of having a good asset manager and how to create an efficient, scalable business using this role.


Seyla and Aileen: How Did They Do It? (Real Estate)

Creating a Productive Relationship with Partners and Investors with Steven Louie

Investing should not be viewed as a game of luck but rather an excellent risk to make a sufficient return and accomplish your goals together.

Steven Louie shares Seyla and Aileen what makes a partnership successful and the benefits of investing in multifamily real estate. 


Sam Wilson: How To Scale Commercial Real Estate

The Power Of Building Trust In a Business Partnership With Steven Louie and Jenny Gou

You can’t do everything alone if you want to manage a big business. In that case, you have to choose your partner well.

Listen as Sam Wilson discuss with Steve and Jenny the importance of building trust into their business relationships and share their pathway to success


Devin Elder: Real Estate Investing, The DJE Multifamily Podcast #137

Jenny Gou discuss with Devin Elder about leaving a successful corporate career and use her skills to launch her multifamily business. Jenny shares her insights about partnering, asset types, markets, going full time, and much more.


Brian Briscoe: Diary of an Apartment Investor

A discussion on how to add value to a mentor and what steps you should take before quitting your W2 with Jenny Gou and Natalie Teramoto hosted by Brian Briscoe.


Michael Blank: Break Out of Corporate America​

Jenny Gou and Steven Louie join Michael Blank to discuss how they broke out of corporate America, describing the mindset of action and focus on family that drove their decision to walk away. They explain how their respective backgrounds in sales benefit their real estate business, sharing how it gives them a competitive edge in sourcing opportunities.


Derek Clifford: Using Tension to Access Massive Success​

Jenny and Ronnie Gou discuss with Derek Clifford and Sophie Lorn-Clifford how they operate together in this industry and design their life the way they desire it.


Daisy Serrano: Real Estate Investing as a Couple​

Jenny and Ronnie Gou share with Daisy Serrano and Luc D’Abreau why they have transitioned from their corporate sales jobs at Procter & Gamble to full-time real estate investing. They share insights on how they invest as a couple.


Lisa Hylton: Quitting Corporate America​

Jenny Gou talks with Lisa Hylton about her journey from corporate worker to full-time real estate investor and asset manager. Jenny shares her insights on what you need to do to become successful in the real estate space and why multi-family homes are the way to go.


Kyle Mitchell: Lessons Learned from Refinancing​

Steven Louie talks with Kyle Mitchell and Gary Lipsky about the two properties that the company refinanced, and why he recommends using a mortgage broker for the refinance.


Brian Briscoe: First Deal​

Jenny Gou shares with Brian Briscoe how she closed on a 28-unit apartment complex in Glendale, AZ, and advises aspiring investors on utilizing mentors and building successful teams.


Kyle Mitchell: From W2 Job to Real Estate Investor​

Steven Louie discusses with Kyle and Lalita Mitchell how he exited his executive leadership roles at Mercer and MetLife to being a full-time Real Estate Investor.


Yonah Weiss: Overcoming Challenges and Growing Quickly

Jenny Gou is a Partner at Vertical Street Ventures, focusing on company operations and leading the VSV Multifamily Academy. Prior to VSV, she was a Sales Director at Procter & Gamble setting national sales strategies for several billion-dollar brands and launching key initiatives across top retailers in the U.S. Her overall experience in leading teams, strategy, and project management gives her a unique ability at VSV and helping others achieve success through the VSV Academy.

Jenny shared with Yonah Weiss a Weiss Advice about success: “Live by design. It is the freedom and flexibility to do what I want, where I want, when I want to, with who I want to.”

Listen for more!

Tate Siemer: The Apartment Gurus

Jenny shared with Tate Siemer about practical asset management strategies and multifamily investing advice so you can accelerate your path to financial freedom.

Here’s what you will learn from this episode:

  • Reasons to improve your asset management strategy
  • Top methods for finding the right property manager
  • Property management challenges and ways to deal with them
  • Efficient ways to boost your asset management systems and processes
  • Why working with the right team is essential for success

Listen for more!

Mike, Shawn & Rich: The Multifamily Takeoff

Steven shared with Mike, Shawn & Rich about how he got started in Multifamily Investing through his mentor and how that resulted in him scaling his portfolio quickly. He shares how he got off market deals in Phoenix and Tucson metros. Steven talks about debt structures and why he prefers bridge debt vs. yield maintenance.

Steven has grown his Multifamily portfolio to over 2,500+ units across 4 states (AZ, CA, FL, TX) and has a keen focus on acquisitions and building key partner relationships across the market. In his spare time, he enjoys the “need for speed” as he shifts gears around a race track. Steven also enjoys vacationing with his wife, Rebecca, and two daughters.

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Bronson Hill: Mailbox Money Show

Real Estate professionals often refer to deals in terms of single family. This is because they have developed an expertise in this field and there’s been a history of working independently. But when it comes to Multifamily units, you’ll find it’s a completely different story. You’re basically working as a team all the time! 

Listen as Ronnie and Jenny shared with Bronson Hill  how they created a successful company from scratch using both hard work as well as mutual respect for each other’s goals – something every “real estate power couples” would strive for!

Listen for more!

Jake Wiley: Being an Active and Passive Investor

Jenny Gou shared with Jake Wiley her experiences, and valuable lessons learned so far in her journey.  Before she got into Real Estate, Jenny worked at Procter and Gamble as Sales Director. She wanted to diversify her retirement portfolio, so she started investing in single-family homes. After a while, she learned about multifamily and decided to shift to syndications. Jenny saw the potential and opportunities in real estate, so she left her corporate job to work full-time in this industry.

Jenny gave tips and advice on investing passively and actively in Real Estate. 

Listen for more!

Eliza Zhang: How to 7X Your Team to Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio

Jenny and Steven shared with Eliza Zhang how they achieved their goals through Passive Investing in Multifamily Real Estate.

The power business partners discussed these interesting topics:

✔ Why they decided to leave a very successful long term corporate careers to become full time multifamily real estate investors (and what they brought with them to help them be successful running their own business)

✔ What are they looking for when they are looking for multifamily deals in the market right now

✔ How they prevent bottlenecks in their growth by having a clear hiring strategy and having clear written goals.

Listen for more!

Agostino Pintus: Bulletproof Cashflow

Kyle Mitchell and Agostino Pintus sat down to talk about getting started in the business. Transitioning from a 9-5 takes time, effort, and determination, and Kyle had plenty of insight to share on just that. They also talked about networking – and what it takes to build a successful pipeline of investors.

Listen for more!

Brian Briscoe: ATE – Attracting Returning Investors

Diary Of An Apartment Investor

Listen as Ronnie Gou shared with Brian Briscoe the elements of Real Estate Business that cause investors to continue investing in Vertical Street Ventures.


David Robinson: The Lead Sponsor Podcast

The Apartment Investing Journey

StevenLouie, a Managing Partner at Vertical Street Ventures, where he is responsible for acquisitions, sourcing capital, and building key strategic partnerships. As the founder of Vertical Street Ventures, he focuses his time on revenue-generating activities for the firm through Multifamily real estate acquisitions. Retired from Corporate America to focus on Apartment Investing


Billy Keels: Going Long

This Strategy Helped Them Close Their First Two Deals in One Day with Jenny Gou and Steve Louie  

Jenny Gou and Steve Louie both Managing Partners at Vertical Street Ventures shared with Billy Keels the reasons why they made the jump into Real Estate when they already had a successful career at a very big corporation and a very well paid sales leadership position. They also shared some of the major challenges and things holding people back from taking the plunge into Real Estate investing.


Yonah Weiss: Out of Corporate America

Steven is a Managing Partner and The Founder of Vertical Street Ventures.  He has grown his Multifamily portfolio to over 3,000+ units across 4 states (AZ, CA, FL, TX) and has a keen focus on acquisitions and building key partner relationships across the market.

Steven shares with Yonah Weiss a Weiss Advice – In his spare time, he enjoys the “need for speed” as he shifts gears around a race track. Steven also enjoys vacationing with his wife, Rebecca, and two daughters.


Michael Holman: Scaling Up Real Estate Investments Through Transferable Corporate Skills

From Cubicle to Corner Office: How Two Corporate Drones Found Their “Why” And Turned It Into Multifamily Gold.   

Listen now as host Michael Holman gets the details about how Jenny Gou and Steven Louie left their jobs behind, the types of investments they look for, and the importance of building relationships.


Aileen Prak: Creating a Business Partnership With Your Spouse

As recent retirees of Corporate America, Jenny and Ronnie shared with Aileen Prak their story of life by design as well as tips on how to create a family culture of healthy communication, work through challenges together, and intentionally design a career to fit their lifestyle, not the other way around.


Dave Morgia: Developing a Perfect Partnership

Jenny Gou and Steven Louie join Dave Morgia to discuss how their partnership came to fruition, and how their complementary and supplementary roles make their company, Vertical Street Ventures, successful.


Lynda Brooks: Investor Relations

Jenny Gou explains to Lynda Brooks the importance of communicating with investors to prevent false expectations, shares tips for picking the right deals, and describes what an ideal investor looks like.


Lee Yoder: Passive Income – Future of Your Dreams

Jenny Gou and Steven Louie share with host Lee Yoder why they both chose multifamily investments over single family homes, how multifamily REI is different than the stock market, and the mindset you need to achieve your investing goals for you and your family.


Whitney Sewell: How To Raise Millions of Dollars

Jenny Gou and Steven Louie join host Whitney Sewell and explain why they wanted a more flexible lifestyle where they can level up their success and inspire and coach others to do the same. They took the leap of faith, left corporate America, and the rest is history.


Darin Batchelder: Freedom of Time

Steven Louie shares with Darin Batchelder how he became an entrepreneur and real estate investor who achieved fantastic freedom of time. He went from cubicle to corner office to full time real estate investor. Steve believes his journey is life changing and wants to help others do the same.


Kyle Mitchell: Finding a Mentor the Right Way​

Jenny Gou discusses with Kyle and Lalita Mitchell the benefits she has experienced through mentorship. She shares how these relationships can improve your approach and your business.


Claire Rosenberg: 950+ Units within 12 Months

Jenny Gou joins Claire Rosenberg on the Millennial Millionaires through Real Estate Podcast, where she talks about leaving her corporate job and acquiring 950+ units within a 12-month timeframe.


Brian Briscoe: Standing out from the Competition​

Jenny Gou and Kristine Jefferson discuss with Brian Briscoe how to differentiate yourself from others with similar deals and numbers, and what makes investors go with you over anyone else.


Ry Russell: Finding the Right Mentors

Jenny Gou and Steven Louie speak with host Ry Russell about accelerating your passive income, finding partners that complement your work style, finding the right mentor, coming from the corporate environment, utilizing intuition, and more.


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