Episode #304: Solving the Problem of Short-Term Rentals with Sief Khafagi

Jul 24, 2023

Today we host a fascinating conversation with Sief Khafagi, the Founder of Techvestor! After a successful career in tech and some time spent at Facebook, Sief took a leap into the unknown, resigning during the pandemic to spend more time with his young family. This led to him exploring the opportunity presented by the short-term rental space, and what he found inspired him to start his business. Essentially, Sief believed he could use data and a simple approach to value, to solve the common issues associated with short-term rentals, and in our conversation, we get to hear exactly how he and his team did this. Sief talks about his vision for the future, why he sees America becoming more mobile, and also gets into some of his personal habits and values that keep him healthy and grounded. Join us to hear it all from this inspiring guest! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Sief takes us a through a little of his professional background and time at Facebook. 
  • The decision to leave Facebook and how this led to starting Techvestor. 
  • The problem that Sief aimed to solve with Techvestor, and how this evolved. 
  • Unpacking the simple business model at Techvestor. 
  • How Techvestor optimizes for revenue and profitability.  
  • Sief talks about their criteria for properties and their emphasis on seasons. 
  • The kinds of customers that Sief and his team are targeting. 
  • Exit strategies at Techvestor and the priorities for the process. 
  • Understanding the inclusion of a data page on the Techvestor website. 
  • Thinking outside of the box and finding the right investors to educate. 
  • The personal practices that help Sief stay on top of his work. 
  • How and where to connect with Sief and Techvestor!  

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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Techvestor on Twitter



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VSV Academy 

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