Episode #301: Investing in Farmland for Passive Income with Artem Milinchuk

Jul 3, 2023

When thinking of investing in property, the idea of the typical suburban home comes to mind, but have you ever considered property in the form of farmland? Join us as we welcome Artem Milinchuk, founder of FarmTogether, to discuss the benefits of investing in farmland. Discover how FarmTogether provides accredited investors access to institutional quality farmland, offering passive income and supporting sustainable agriculture. In our conversation, we explore the historical returns of farmland, its similarities to multi-family real estate, and FarmTogether's unique approach to acquiring and managing farmland. Artem explains the fundamentals of investing in farmland, the risks and benefits, the different products FarmTogether has for investors, and much more! Don't miss this insightful episode on the potential of farmland as an attractive investment option with Artem Milinchuk!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introduction and a brief background about today’s guest, Artem Milinchuk.
  • The motivation behind starting FarmTogether.
  • Discover how FarmTogether is helping farmers.
  • Why investing in farmland is a good business decision.
  • Learn about the similarities between multi-family real estate and farmland.
  • Artem explains FarmTogether's business model.
  • How FarmTogether is able to acquire properties.
  • We discuss the range of farm sizes and locations FarmTogether has in its portfolio.
  • Find out how seasonality impacts their investment approach.
  • He unpacks the different options FarmTogether has for investors.
  • Overview of the risks and benefits of investing in farmland.
  • What the short-term goals of the company are.
  • Artem shares advice for fellow entrepreneurs. 

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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Vertical Street Ventures 

VSV Academy 

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