Episode #298: Unleashing the Power of Real Estate with Caleb Johnson

Jun 12, 2023

Age is not a limiting factor when it comes to pursuing a career in real estate investing. Many young individuals have achieved remarkable success in the field by leveraging their unique advantages and taking advantage of available opportunities. In today’s episode, we speak to one of those individuals, Caleb Johnson, about his real estate investment journey and how he has achieved incredible success at a young age. Caleb is an emerging investment luminary at Red Sea Capital. Remarkably, even before reaching the age of 25, he has amassed a staggering portfolio, valued at over 9 million dollars. Within this expansive collection lie multifamily and retail assets, each contributing to his remarkable success story. With an unwavering dedication to his faith and craft, he aims to forge a path as a faith-infused professional, fostering deep connections with investors and nurturing lasting relationships. It is through this guiding principle that he established Red Sea Capital in 2022, a dynamic and forward-thinking investment firm that operates with a vision for success and growth. In our conversation, Caleb shares his background and the inspiration behind his entrepreneurial journey. We delve into the topic of fear and how it serves as a motivation for him, how he initially got started in real estate and multi-level marketing, and his perspective on the current state of the real estate market. Drawing from his own entrepreneurial experience, Caleb shares valuable insights and lessons learned along the way. Tune in and find out the secret to real estate success with Caleb Johnson!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Caleb’s background and what inspired his entrepreneurial journey.
  • We discuss how fear keeps Caleb motivated.
  • How he initially started in residential real estate: house hacking.
  • Building up capital for investment as a young entrepreneur.
  • He explains the ins and outs of multi-level marketing.
  • What it takes to be successful at multi-level marketing.
  • Caleb shares the lessons from his entrepreneurial experience.
  • An overview of his approach to real estate investing.
  • Insights about the Albuquerque real estate market.
  • Why Caleb also chooses to invest in retail.
  • Hear his perspective on the state of the real estate market.
  • Details about his podcast and accountability coaching program.
  • Caleb’s personal and career goals for the near future.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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