Vertical Street Ventures offers real estate investment-focused CPA services. Having the support of a CPA team that specializes in real estate can make a critical difference in growing your net worth and reducing your potential tax exposure. From single family, multifamily, short-term rentals to commercial properties and development projects, our expertise covers a range of real estate investment sectors. Our reliable, personalized tax strategies can help you navigate complex real estate tax laws and enable you to be proactive in your tax and wealth planning.

We are not just a transactional CPA firm but instead your generational wealth planning partners that consult with you on your long term strategy.  Please note though, that we are not financial advisors who tell you where to invest your money. Instead, we are strategic partners that advise you on how you can reduce your taxes to optimize your wealth, and we guide you on the optimal structures to put into place.

Our Packages

You no longer need to scramble reactively when challenges arise.  We can establish a meeting cadence that works for your schedule, so that we can provide consistent, strategic and personalized expertise, enabling you to be proactive in your tax and wealth planning.  Let us help you navigate complex real estate tax laws and save on taxes. Vertical Street Ventures CPA has created packages that conveniently bundle frequently requested services:


Included Services:

  • All Gold Services
  • Routine communication and a consistent consulting cadence 
  • Quarterly meetings to create customized tax projections and tax estimates based on real-time business and financial data. 
  • Tailored tax planning options and advice

Optimized For:

  • Clients with multiple lines of business or that expect a high volume of activity


Included Services:

  • All Silver Services
  • Discounted consulting hours (min. 10 hours) 
  • Consulting hours may be used for tax planning, general consulting and advising scenarios, structuring, financial review, or estimate analysis. 
  • Q2 and Q4 projection for a mid-year and end of year review

Optimized For:

  • Clients with consistent quarterly activity but may expect changes requiring consulting (potential sale, new line of business, etc.)


Included Services:

  • Primary focus on tax compliance
  • Consulting and advising services are available separately

Optimized For:

  • Clients just starting their real estate journey and needing limited advice

It’s not how much you earn but how much you keep that counts!

Listen in as Kiyoshi Simon, CPA discusses tax saving strategies like bonus depreciation that are unique to real estate investors. Taxes are typically the #1 expense for households, so make sure you educate yourself on tax saving solutions that will allow you to more quickly grow your wealth!

Remember, it’s not how much you earn but how much you keep that counts! There’s a reason why “90% of all millionaires become so through owning real estate”.

Success Stories

Our focus goes beyond transactional services. We work with you to develop a long term strategy. Although we are not financial advisors, our guidance can reduce your tax burden, optimizing your financial situation to help you build generational wealth.

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